Our Services

Our aim is to provide you with advice when your business needs it - not just when you ask for it.

We'll help you manage every aspect of your business, and because we establish a one-to one relationship with each of our clients, our advice will be tailored for your business.

We've developed our accounting, taxation and business practice into innovative client-focused services. Our flexibility & adaptability will ensure we can help you get the best results.

Our focus is on creating value for clients by highlighting opportunities with clients and collaborate/consult with them in an innovative, cost effective and constructive way.

Our aim is to assist clients achieve their goals by ensuring that they have adequate marketing and business plans in place and understand the financial drivers of their business. Importantly we ensure they start in the right business structure to minimise income tax now and also in the future when they ultimately sell their business with asset protection in mind at all times.

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

Theresa Griffin is a chartered accountant and a Self Managed Super Fund Specialist AdvisorTM (SMSF Specialist AdvisorTM), accredited by Self Managed Super Fund Professionals' Association of Australia (SPAA). At Griffin Accountants, we are committed to helping all our clients with intelligent solutions cost effectively. See our SMSF4U frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

Theresa Griffin specialises in SMSFs from set up, administration to advising strategies to help clients achieve their retirement goals.

Below are some of our SMSF services:

  • Set up a self managed superannuation fund
  • Annual Administration of a SMSF including the followings:  
    • Financial Statements
    • Income Tax Return & Regulatory Return
    • Member Contribution Statements
  • Strategies for Transition to Retirement Income Streams
  • Strategies to transfer assets tax effectively into Super
  • Borrowing with SMSF to acquire real estate or shares
  • Implementing strategies to  converting  super fund accounts to Pension Phase
  • Various strategies including estate planning to minimise income tax for members and their beneficiaries

Financial, Insurance and Investment Planning

We offer Financial Planning services via Griffin Financial Advisory Pty Ltd that covers

  • Debt Management (We have access to very competitive rates)
  • Wealth Creation
  • Personal Insurance (Life, TPD, Trauma or Critical Illness and Income Protection)
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning

Below we have listed the services that we offer to our clients via Griffin Accountants. This list is by no means exhaustive, and our team of friendly staff would be more than happy to take inquiries about services that you do not see listed.

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